Burnout Busters Academy - Mentoring and support for moms of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder, FASD, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Developmental Trauma Disorder, Complex PTSD, or other issues related to early childhood trauma
“Before she became fire, she was water. Quenching the thirst of every dying creature. She gave and she gave until she turned from sea to desert. But instead of dying from the heat, the sadness, and the heartache, she took all of her pain and from her own ashes she became fire.”
— Nikita Gill

What is the Burnout Busters Academy?

The Burnout Busters Academy is a monthly membership program for exhausted moms of children who struggle with intense emotional and behavior problems associated with complex developmental trauma exposure. The kids might be affected by issues such as Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or related FASD issues, complex PTSD, or other mental illness.

The program is designed specifically to help you, the mom, reverse parent burnout, restore hope, and regain control of your own physical, emotional, and mental health as you learn and practice skills to help restore peace to your family and home.  

Yes!  It really is possible! 

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  • Live connection with other moms
  • Weekly Mastermind calls
  • Guided mentoring & support
  • Doable action steps
  • Low-risk and affordable!

How does the Burnout Busters Academy work?


Weekly Live Masetermind Calls

Live group video calls happen each Friday at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time (9:00 a.m. Pacific/Noon Eastern). These calls are the heartbeat of this program! As such, live attendance is highly encouraged. This is where relationships are built and specific questions get answered. Replays are available for a short time if needed, but they are not the ideal way to participate in the program on an ongoing basis.


Structured Mentoring and Support

During each Mastermind Call, we take a deep dive look into a micro topic related to parenting children affected by complex developmental trauma, FASD, and/or mental illness. The content builds on each other from week to week and is designed to help you take the right steps in the right order at the right time to achieve positive results.


Guided, Paced, and DOABLE Steps

Each Mastermind Call comes with a small “homework” assignment to help you apply what you learn to your own unique situation, keep you focused on the most important action steps, and, and allow you to move forward in a positive direction.


Peer Support Group

We have an exclusive members-only Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your experiences, and exchange support among friends who are walking the same road, living the same things, and get it.


Low Risk Membership

The Burnout Busters Academy is a very simple month-to-month membership! If you decide this isn’t what you are looking for, you can cancel at any time.

When we support and strengthen parents first, we help the entire family heal. A positive change in parents naturally brings positive changes in children, including the challenging ones.

Lasting change comes in doing, not just knowing. The best investment you will ever make in yourself and your family is to take charge of your situation and put yourself in an environment of positive support and growth that gives you the tools you need to shine.

Diana is a breath of fresh air. I love the Burnout Busters Academy because not only can I get a one hour break each week to regroup and talk to the other participants who know exactly what I am going through, but Diana’s presentations are spot on. I have read many books, spent thousands of dollars on treatment for my child, but Diana has actually walked in my shoes. She knows exactly what I am going through. I look forward each week to listening to her and participating in what she says.

Jenn A.

Finally, a mentor who understands on a personal level the struggles that we face while raising children with hidden emotional and mental disabilities. Here you can gain ideas and strength to carry on past the barriers of discouragement and fear. If you are a busy mother doing all you can to keep going, do yourself a favor and join the Burnout Buster program. The time commitment is minimal and the benefits are significant.

Julie D.

Who is Burnout Busters Academy for?

This program is a great fit for moms who are:

  • Serious about seeking help and are ready to go “all in” and do what it takes to turn things around and create lasting peace.
  • Committed to showing up and stepping forward in order to create positive lasting change in their home and family.
  • Willing to receive direction and support for themselves, share their experiences, and support other moms in a positive way.
  • Believe things can change, are worth changing, and that they are the catalyst to making it happen.
  • Ready and willing to learn new things, look at yourself for answers, take the healing journey yourself, and lead the way toward healing for your family. 
  • Already somewhat knowledgable about Reactive Attachment Disorder, complex developmental trauma, FASD, and therapeutic parenting, but aren’t sure how to connect all the pieces or make them work for your situation.

This program is NOT a good fit for those who are:

  • Looking for easy answers and quick fixes without a willingness to invest in the process of doing what works.
  • Not willing, able, or committed enough to the process to arrange their schedule in order to spend 1 hour per week on a live call that has the power to change their life and their family for good.
  • Questioning their desire to make it work or take the transformation process seriously enough to do the work that is required to achieve the results they want.
  • Interested only in watching replays and lurking in the Facebook group. There are plenty of other places where you can do that. This program is for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves, get to work and create results.
  • Too tired, too angry, too depressed, too stressed, too overwhelmed, or too scared to do what it takes and/or invest time, effort, emotion, or financial resources into creating positive and lasting change for themselves and their family.

“When we are no longer able to change our situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

–Viktor Frankl

Why Does the Burnout Busters Academy Work?


Focused on Mom!

One of the biggest roadblocks our families face is that most programs out there focus on the wrong person first (the kids) and place too many demands on already tapped-out parents.

We do things completely opposite in the Burnout Busters Academy!  Our focus on strengthening and supporting you, the MOM, first and making sure you have the tools and support needed to be able to go the distance with your kids.



Live interaction with other moms is consistently at the top of the list of things “Trauma Mamas” tell me they need. Why wouldn’t it be? Doing things alone is no fun!

Burnout Busters is all about connecting with other moms across the globe who who get it, who are dealing with similar issues, and who are all seeking to move their lives and families toward healing.


Real Tools and Real Solutions

The Burnout Busters Academy isn’t just a smorgasbord of random parenting strategies. We dive deep, do things in order, and offer real tools and real support for moms who are on the front lines of raising challenging kids. All the tools and skills we share are specifically designed to empower MOM to become a leader in her family and create positive and lasting change for everyone.


We See the Whole Picture

Trauma doesn’t just affect your child. It affects the entire family. As such, all the solutions and healing tools also need to focus on the whole family, starting with you, the mom. Everything we do in the Burnout Busters Academy acknowledges the very real demands and limitations of parenting an incredibly difficult child.

We offer opportunities to learn healthy and effective coping tools, parenting skills, communication techniques, and relationship building essentials to help you calm the storms and leave the trenches of chaos for good!


Affordable and Accessible Help

One of the top complaints I hear from parents of kids with intense issues is that there is no help for families like ours!  Unfortunately, this is often true if you’re strictly looking at doctors, therapists, social workers, government agencies, and residential programs for help — especially in smaller communities.

However, the Burnout Busters Academy is available to moms across the globe. As long as you’ve got a device with a camera and a reliable WiFi or unlimited data connection, you’re good to go!  You can skip the commute, join us right from your living room, and you can even wear your jammies if you want!

Focus Topics

  • Understanding what developmental trauma really is
  • Enforcing physical and emotional safety for everyone
  • Safety planning
  • The documentation process
  • Healthy coping, relationship, and communication skills
  • DOABLE self-care for mom
  • Finding serenity amidst the storms
  • Reconnecting with and rediscovering yourself
  • Understanding the long-term effects of trauma
  • Establishing and maintaining boundaries
  • …and a whole lot more!

What are you waiting for?

Parent Burnout Symptoms

  • You’re tired all the time and sleep doesn’t help
  • Feeling angry or numb most of the time
  • Unable to keep up with everyday basics
  • Short tempered and intolerant of others
  • Overwhelmed by caregiving responsibilities
  • Constant focus is on caregiving
  • No time or energy to take care of yourself
  • Pull back from social activities and events
  • Using social media, sleep, or work to escape
  • Self-medicating with food, alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • No longer enjoy the things you once did
  • Physical and mental health start to decline
  • Sense of humor changes
  • Feelings of wanting to hurt yourself or your child
  • May not even like your child anymore

Parent Burnout is a BIG Deal!

You’ve probably heard that old saying “If Mama ain’t happy, there ain’t nobody happy!” Well, it’s true! We moms are the hinge pin of the family. If we’re burned out or floundering ourselves, we have nothing left to give to anyone. 

Parenting kids affected by things such as Reactive Attachment Disorder, FASD, Complex PTSD, and other issues related to early childhood trauma exposure is no walk in the park! The things these kids can pull, especially when no one else is looking can beat us moms into the ground and leave us hopeless, exhausted, burned out, and broken.

Parent burnout is a big deal…and it happens to good parents who are doing their best to parent extremely challenging children. Left unchecked, it can shatter families, cause irreparable damage to relationships, and destroy your own physical and emotional health.

Unfortunately, parent burnout also isn’t something any of us can “get over” on our own. I’m a firm believer that lasting peace and healing happen when we support and strengthen MOM first. That’s what the Burnout Busters Academy is all about!

Whether you’re new to parenting tough kids or you’ve been around the block a few times, there will be something here for you!  Come join us to brush up on your skills, gain needed clarity and perspective, find the missing pieces, and sharpen the tools you need to take care of yourself and your family for the long haul. In the process, you’ll learn how to calm the chaos and stay out of the trenches for good.

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ, About Us , and upcoming discussion topics sections!

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